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Consultation & Services / Training & Skills Development

Afri-Can-Do is a health promotion (wellness) training organisation that has anchored itself in the forefront of health promotion development.

Established in 2002, it's major focus lies in the empowerment of individuals, groups, communities and organisations in the skills, knowledge and attitudes for best practice health promotion and health education.

To achieve this aim Afri-Can-Do has developed a number of learning programmes that serve to:

Afri-can-do Icon Assist clients/learners with comprehensive health management of employees and students
Afri-can-do Icon Assist clients/learners with transforming the workplace into a health promoting setting
Afri-can-do Icon Improve skills in understanding, implementing and evaluating health promotion initiatives and campaigns
Afri-can-do Icon Assist clients/learners with facilitation of learning and presentation of health education

The total health promotion learning package consists of a number of workshops positioned at NQF level 5.

Learning programmes has been submitted to HWSETA for registration and accreditation.

1. Health promotion in perspective
2. Health promotion process and practice
3. Health communication
4. Health education
5. Design and use of health education materials
6. Settings and contexts for health promotion
7. Other courses:

Afri-can-do Icon Facilitation of learning
Afri-can-do Icon Life skills
Afri-can-do Icon Mental health promotion
Afri-can-do Icon Health literacy

Workshops can also be presented in-house and a combination of learning programmes can be offered to suit the needs of a particular organisation or group.
For more information contact:
Agnes Huiskamp
Tel/fax: + 27 (0)12 343-9589
Cell: + 27 (0)83 238 8084

PO Box 2153, Brooklyn Square, 0075, South Africa

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